New Mexico IBIS - An Introduction

New Mexico's Indicator Based Information System (NM-IBIS)

New Mexico-IBIS is a primary source for health indicator and information data for New Mexico.

Pathways into the NM-IBIS "data warehouse"

You can think of IBIS as a giant warehouse of data. And realize, there are several doors or pathways into the massive amounts of data found there. The first pathway we're exploring is a great way to become familiar with the data available in the warehouse, and how the data are presented.

This first basic pathway, by way of introduction, takes us to the pre-populated Indicator Reports and Community Reports or community-specific data "snapshots."

These indicator and community reports are extremely convenient, useful resources with data organized by topic and by geographic area. 

On the downside, these pre-populated reports do not necessarily show the most recent data, as you will see. And that is the topic of the more powerful pathway, introduced in next tutorial (IBIS, part 2), which is to query the datasets directly. If you already know you need the most current, very specific data point for a given indicator, feel free to jump ahead to the next tutorial.


Exercise files for this lesson

For an overview and step-by-step instructions for accessing Indicator and Community Reports data reports, click the link at the left to download the tutorial, NM-IBIS - PART I.
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