Recent Community Needs Assessments

Community Health Needs Assessment: San Juan Regional Medical Center and San Juan Regional Rehabilitation Hospital conduct a community health assessment to determine the health needs for San Juan County as perceived by the citizens of the county. The 2020 Community Health Needs Assessment is available here:

Behavioral Health Gaps Analysis: San Juan County's Behavioral Health conducted a gaps analysis in the county. That 2019 analysis is available from the Behavioral Health webpage:

Printable Resource Guides

San Juan County Partnership publishes a Youth and Family Resource Directory. [SJCP is currently in the process of updating their Directory.]

The most recently available Directory is available at the San Juan County Partnership website:

San Juan County Behavioral Health publishes a Behavioral Health Resource Guide

The current guide is available from the Mental Health Resource Center webpage:

Resources Websites

San Juan United Way website is organized to provide a wide range of information about resources: 

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative website is a useful resource for community events and resources for providers and community members:

Share New Mexico is a comprehensive, searchable Resource Directory for community resources and social services across New Mexico: 

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