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Data Resources

New Mexico IBIS: Home of New Mexico's Health Indicator Data & Statistics - a huge resource of health data:

New Mexico Dept of Health: Substance Use Epidemiology Profile and other health data publications specific to substance use in Mew Mexico:

Youth Risk and Resliency Reports: County reports for YRRS data and other publications:

CDC WONDER: Home of Centers for Disease Control, Wide-ranging ONline Data for Epidemiologic Research:

County Health Rankings: Rich source of data for counties across New Mexico and the U.S.:

Community Needs Assessments

Community Health Needs Assessment: San Juan Regional Medical Center and San Juan Regional Rehabilitation Hospital conduct a community health assessment to determine the health needs for San Juan County as perceived by the citizens of the county. The 2020 Community Health Needs Assessment is available here:

Behavioral Health Gaps Analysis: San Juan County's Behavioral Health conducted a gaps analysis in the county. That 2019 analysis is available from the Behavioral Health webpage:

New Mexico Community Survey Reports

San Juan County Partnership implements the NMCS, an annual community survey, to help evaluate its prevention efforts funded by the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention. It is a "convenience sample" survey conducted primarily online. 

Key Findings 2022 NMCS:
Summary of results for the 2022 New Mexico Community Survey

Key Findings 2021 NMCS: 2021 NMCS: Summary of results for the 2021 New Mexico Community Survey

Printable Resource Guides

San Juan County Partnership publishes a Youth and Family Resource Directory

The most recently available Directory (2021) is available at the San Juan County Partnership website:

San Juan County Behavioral Health publishes a Behavioral Health Resource Guide

The current guide is available from the Mental Health Resource Center webpage:

Resources Websites

San Juan United Way website is organized to provide a wide range of information about resources: 

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative website is a useful resource for community events and resources for providers and community members:

Share New Mexico is a comprehensive, searchable Resource Directory for community resources and social services across New Mexico: - is a senior care resource for seniors and family caregivers that provides comprehensive information and current data on the quality of senior living in New Mexico: 

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